The welfare of the horse must be paramount in all things; equestrian sport, recreation and industry must consider the welfare at the core of the activity.

Many of us support horse welfare in a variety of ways. It's always great to contribute to the major charities and welfare organisations to improve the lot of those horses that fall on hard times, or suffer at the hands of irresponsible or ignorant owners.

Donkey and Mule Protection Trust

Providing information and advice, as well as fostering and rehoming of donkeys and mules. This charitable trust does excellent work for our hairier equine cousins.

Responsible Equine Breeding Society (Facebook Page)

Horse Welfare New Zealand, formerly ILPH, is now part of NZ SPCA. Horse Welfare steps in, when horses, ponies, donkeys and mules need help. They need donations, and particularly appreciate regular automatic payments. Donations of good new or used tack, rugs etc are always appreciated. They also sell Christmas cards, and can provide gift vouchers, for that donation present with a difference.

A registered charitable trust, your donations are tax deductible. Become a life member!

Visit their Facebook Page