Infrastructure Design and Implementation Guides

Planning a trail, a park or a greenway? Understand what riders want and need. Find out what is happening overseas and locally in modern multi-use trail design and infrastructure. Most are downloadable.

Important Note on International Design Guides:

When accessing international trail building, design, and specification documents it is important to carefully read the context and user numbers. United Kingdom, and United States trails are often dealing with a potential user base of many tens of millions of users. New Zealand trails should be compared to, in most cases, to overseas 'backwoods' or remote rural trail systems, with relatively few users.

When planning a trail, or path the length of the path or trail is also important.  
A short trail will have many more users within viewing distance of one another, creating the perception of potential conflict (even if none actually occurs).  On long trails even very large numbers of users may never see one another (so narrow paths are still okay).i.e. divide the length of your trail by the expected number of users for a more accurate prediction of carrying caapcity instead of simply looking at numbers of users.