About Us

About Us

In New Zealand there was no national body representing all horses or riders\drivers. Other sports have well organised bodies that represent recreational users (as well as competitors) .That's why they are getting better access for their sports! read more >>

NZ Horse Network is now recognised by most local, regional, and national bodies as a representative body for recreational horse riding, because of the years of work we have put in to raise issues, provide information, and work with local groups.

Our aim is to build a strong, active horse community where we help each other to create, protect and promote access for horse riding.

We create, and publish information for all New Zealanders about the equine community, and provide maps and resources for the equestrian community. We protect, and promote horse riding areas, and the recreational horse sector.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Are We?

Ordinary horse people, who care about public access, safety for horse riders, and getting more recreational riding. We want to create a network of equestrians that care about where they ride; horse people who are prepared to act to gain more access, protect existing trails, and stand up for horse riders.

Is NZ Horse Network an official body?

NZ Horse Network is an incorporated society - "NZ Horse Recreation Inc". (That was a bit of a mouthful, so we use NZ Horse Network). You can view our rules, and all details on the NZ incorporated societies webpage (including our financial records).

Can I be on the Committee?

Yes! We would love more people to put up their hand to help drive this organisation, and help us to get more done. First step, is to join as a member.

How did you get started?

Back in 2007 a bunch of concerned horse riders were invited to a workshop with the (then) Auckland Regional Council to discuss the horse riding options in regional parks. We all thought that the 'bigwigs' of equestrian sport would turn up, and be there. That's when we realised there were no 'bigwigs'. There was no organisation for recreational riders, and organisations involved in equestrian sport were too stretched to do all that was needed for recreational riders.

It was during this workshop that we also realised that there wasn't even a good source of information for riders. So we started creating one. "Bridleways Auckland" was a small website with information on places to horse ride in Auckland.

The genie was out of the bottle. That first website grew and grew, as people around the country started to ask for information about their area. Working with the Auckland Regional Council became a bit of a mission (to get rid of the mess of permits and keys that existed at that time), and eventually we formed an incorporated society to be able to pay for website costs, and apply for grants for tangible projects (trail building).

Is this for me?

Yes! Every rider, horse owner, club and equine business has a stake in better access for horse riding, and better recognition of the equine sector. Clubs and sports groups are encouraged to partner with us. All in the horse world should be concerned with the profile (or lack of it) of horse sports and recreation, and with the lack of horse recreation space. It is all our responsibility to do something about it. If you have a good network of contacts in your area, have special skills that will assist us in fundraising or other activities or just have time and motivation to offer, please do contact us.

What Does it Cost to Join?

We have a free basic membership. We fund raise for projects such as creating trails, or provide access infrastructure such as horse friendly gates or stiles, or may use donated funds to help others with their projects*. Donations are always welcome to help keep our websites, and other efforts going.

This is not a commercial organisation, it is a group of dedicated volunteers who care about the ability to go riding in our parks, beaches, and public places. We are an incorporated society, so anyone can attend our AGM, or inspect our financial records (on the incorporated societies website).

Current Committee and Officers

Brenda Reading, Waitaki

Presidentendurance rider, and horse owner

Hilary Bladen, Coatesville. Auckland

Secretary\TreasurerEquine Business owner, horse owner

Karen Legg, Waitaki

former Woodhill Forest Equestrian Park manager (on behalf of AWEC)former manager YMCAGreat New Zealand Trek participantformer volunteer Kaitiaki Woodhill Forest

More Questions?

If there is anything that you want to know that is not answered here, please ask.

We do appreciate donations! These cover production of materials, this website (and Bridleways NZ) and general expenses like mileage to attend meetings or submissions in support of local issues. We will fund raise for projects that create trails, or provide access infrastructure such as horse friendly gates or stiles.