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NZ Horse Network is an umbrella organisation for a network of smart, well connected equestrians who want fair access to community resources. Our role is to help all individuals, groups or clubs, by providing resources, and sharing success stories. We also perform research, produce publications, and make submissions on behalf of our members.

Our Objectives:


  • We build new trails, and gain access to parks, unformed legal roads and trails.
  • We create resources; research and publish information on the equine sector and equestrian community.


  • We (help local groups) protect horse riding trails, and equestrian resources. We make submissions to support horse riding, horse keeping, and equine businesses across the nation.


  • We provide information on places to ride, through our website NZ Bridleways.
  • We promote the health, and economic benefits of recreational horse riding.

We create resources that can be used in public submissions, to work with your local trail group, or as part of a social media, or other campaign. All these resources are free to use, by any club or individual.

Few public space providers, or recreation planners have any knowledge of the demand for equestrian recreation, what recreational riders want, or what infrastructure we need. The vast majority of parks, and recreation planners, and managers simply banned horses, or saw them as a nuisance. This is changing!

Now, after many years of advocacy, and providing data and resources, Councils and other agencies recognise that horse riding is a legitimate recreational activity, and are learning what it is we want. A number of Councils now recognise NZ Horse Network as THE organisation to deal with when planning equestrian recreation, or use our resources in planning discussions, policy, or implementation. By making it easier to understand, we make it easier for Councils to choose to include horse riders.

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*as an incorporated society our annual returns are publicly available, and all members can attend our AGM