For Clubs

Clubs and Organisations are encouraged to partner with NZ Horse Network.  Use our resources for local submissions, or ask for help writing or researching a submission.  

Be part of the Community!

Some clubs do this well, some not so well.  If you are having an open day or competition, make sure that your non-horsey community is invited and welcomed! 
If the community sees you as something valuable then they will support your requests for grazing leases, access to trails and parks etc.  At the moment many groups view horse riding as elitist, snobby rich kids\adults... 

If you are fund raising, it makes more sense to get money off people outside of your current membership! Inviting the local non-horsey community to your events = sell more cakes\sausages to fund raise. 

Media Information for Clubs and Organisations

Write to local papers and magazines about horse riding issues, and  events.  Have photos available, send your event amd competition results to your local paper.  It is as simple as sending an email! 

Don't wait for the press or reporters to beat a path to your door - it won't happen!  Have your local (and regional) newspapers phone and email addresses on hand at all times. 
Use photo opportunities (press coverage) to thank volunteers and sponsors, and keep a number of stock photos on hand that you can use at a moments notice.   
Raise the profile of your club!
  • Involve the community in your club; explain your issues and goals, invite non riders to your events!
    • Gain more revenue! - The more people at your events, the more money you can make
    • Gain volunteers - Offer a free pony ride or education session about ponies, and in return as a parent (or the family) to help with event setup.
    • Invite Councillors or Council Officers to your events (and take photos!)
  • Ask local businesses to help with a building project -
    • Make sure you get photos and a story in your local paper
    • Invite them to your next event.

  • Tips for Clubs

  • Involve the whole community BEFORE THE DAYAdvertise your event in the local community newspaper, there is usually a free community events sectionUse Local Community websites or social pages (Facebook has lots of community pages)MAKE A SIGN. Put up a 'Coming Events' sign and make sure it welcomes non riders (the general public) Invite local Board or Council members or politicians!!On the DAY Make sure there is a sign (or a volunteer) at the entrance telling non-horse people they are welcome to attend, where they can park, and what they might see (how to stay safe).Offer guides\pamphlets to eventsAFTERWARDSsend photos and results to your local community paper (and online media)
    Posted Sep 3, 2016, 12:59 AM by Viv Dostine
  • Sports, and Events - Local and National Media Make sure you are sending your event, and competition results to your local paper sports section, and regional paper sports desk.   Equestrian sport is rarely featured in mainstream sports, but this is often because the equestrian sector is so bad at communicating with the media and the general public.  We send our sports results to our own Facebook page, or to equestrian news sources, and magazines, but often forget to use the local papers, and mainstream newspapers.Sign up to Neighbourly  - community news and newspapersSign up to the local community Facebook groups to let them know about upcoming events
    Posted Sep 3, 2016, 12:57 AM by Viv Dostine
  • Create a Case Study - SportNZ tool Sport New Zealand have a fantastic tool to create and publish information about your club and the great work you are doing.  These can be, any of the following: a photo or video storycase study a more in-depth summary a values report strong researched evidenceSport and Recreation Case Study Toolkit
    Posted Sep 3, 2016, 12:52 AM by Viv Dostine
  • MAKE SUBMISSIONS It doesn't matter whether you are dealing with local, regional or central government or agencies.  You MUST make submissions! It is the way that all policy is driven, and without policy you will be ignored (or worse).see our page on making submissions...
    Posted Sep 3, 2016, 12:49 AM by Viv Dostine
  • Create a Media Release Clubs, Event Organisers and organisations of all sorts should be creating press releases to ensure that the general public knows what is going on in the equestrian world. Press Release Template (with help)
    Posted Sep 3, 2016, 12:46 AM by Viv Dostine
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Don't forget online and Social Media!