Speak Up for Horse Riding!

The most powerful tool for horse riders.  NZ Horse Network The future of horse riding for recreation, or as a competitive sport is in our hands. Each and every one of us can help make a brighter future for horse riding, or sit back and lose precious places to ride. 

What Can I do?

  • First and foremost clean up ALL parking areas! The number one reason given for not wanting horses, is often manure left where others find it offensive.  This simple act, can make a big difference.  And clean up after others too - unfortunately, not everyone has got the message yet - so do a good deed and clean up even if it's not your mess.
  • Take an active interest in your local riding areas. Never assume that somewhere you can ride now, is going to be there forever. 
  • Learn how to be effective; work with others to make things happen. If you sit and wait for others - you may be sitting for a very long time


Where to start?

The biggest hurdle is usually the first one.  Decide on one thing you want.  Then you need to know who to talk to.  You may like to read this bit, that explains a bit about your local Council(s)

Here's a quick flow chart to get you on your way

Clubs too!

Every club and organisation around the country must ensure that they are working with their local community.  Not only does this help to promote horse riding, it will provide many benefits directly to your club. 
  • Welcome non-riders to your events,
  • Send your competition results and event day photos to the local newspaper, and
  • Update your local Council about  your activities and needs regularly.