Speak Up for Horse Riding!

Speak up for horse riding

The future of recreational horse riding  is in our hands. 

 Each and every one of us can help make a brighter future for horse riding, 

or sit back, and lose precious places to ride. 

What Can I do?

  1. First and foremost clean up ALL parking areas! The number one reason given for not wanting horses, is often manure left where others find it offensive. This simple act, can make a big difference. And clean up after others too - unfortunately, not everyone has got the message yet - so do a good deed and clean up even if it's not your mess.
  2. Take an active interest in your local riding areas. Never assume that somewhere you can ride now, is going to be there forever. 
  3. Learn how to be effective; work with others to make things happen. If you sit and wait for others - you may be sitting for a very long time

Where to start?

The biggest hurdle is usually the first one; getting started.  As we're all about public land, we have put together a quick flow chart to get you on your way.   

If you're dealing with access over private land, obviously your starting place will be the landowner.  Do remember that unformed legal roads (sometimes called paper roads) are not 'on' someone's land.  Like all roads they are public land, which has private land running beside it.