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Our Partners

Create a Great Network!

Becoming a partner is a pre-approval process for submissions.  That means we have your permission (without having to send each submission through a full committee meeting). You can still send in your own submissions, and work on your own local issues. 

Informal groups.

Do you run a Facebook group or other informal group? 

Please tell your friends and members about us, and affiliate so that we know we have your support and can keep in touch on matters local to your area, region or national issues.

Fill in our Partners Affiliation Form*  

Don't forget to like us! 

Clubs - Incorporated Societies and Trusts

We recognise that formally incorporated clubs will need a formal process to partner with other organisations. 

You must be a committee member or have the authorisation of the committee because this will put your club's name on our submissions.

Clubs we'd appreciate a $20 donation per year to help us keep running, and to cover costs like fuel to attend meetings in your area, toll calls, postage and printing.  

1. Fill in our Partners Affiliation Form*  

2. Select a person to be the main point of contact.

This person has three basic roles\tasks:
  • they are our main point of contact and receive our monthly newsletter.  Hopefully this is printed for the clubrooms, or circulated amongst your members to get them interested in local or national recreation issues.
  • This person raises any issues about submissions on behalf of the club, and\or provides club input\approval. As part of this, the co-ordinator should be able to update us on the current club membership (numbers) and may be asked to occasionally distribute surveys to gather data. 
  • Keep an eye horse recreation issues in your local area\region.  Watch out for bylaws that affect riding in parks or beaches, district plans that can affect where you can keep horses, and even transport plans or new roads that may make it unsafe for you to ride (or could potentially solve your problems if they include safe berms or bridleways when building a new road). 

Clubs We Love!

Our partners...

  • Waiheke Island Riding Club
  • Thames Pony Club and Adult Ride
  • Kokatahi-kowhitirangi pony club
  • Grey Valley Riding Club
  • Kumeu Western Riding Club
  • Katikati Hack and Hunters Riding Club
  • South Head Riders 
  • Clevedon Pony Club
  • Matakana Pony Club
  • Auckland Woodhill Endurance Club (AWEC)
  • Totara Park Pony Club
  • Te Atatu Pony Club
  • Franklin Western Riding Club
  • Matakana Pony Club
  • Kohukohu Riding Club
  • CD Trekkers
  • Secondary Schools Equestrian Cup Trust
  • Icelandic Horse Breeders and Riders Association New Zealand (IHBRANZ)