Frequently Asked Questions   

Our aim is to build a strong, active horse community where we help each other to createprotect and promote access for horse riding. 

We create, and publish information for all New Zealanders about the equine community, and provide maps and resources for the equestrian community.  We protect, and promote horse riding areas, and the recreational horse sector.

What we do, and what you can do too!

Who Are We?

Ordinary horse people, who care about public access, safety for horse riders, and getting more recreational riding. 

We want to create a network of equestrians that care about where they ride; horse people who are prepared to act to gain more access, protect existing trails, and stand up for horse riders.  

We welcome all 'equines' including donkeys and mules, and all equine people whether you own, drive or ride. 

Our Objectives:


We build new trails, and gain access to parks, unformed legal roads and trails.
We research and publish information on the equine sector and equestrian community.


We (help local groups) protect horse riding trails, and equestrian resources. We make submissions to support horse riding, horse keeping, and equine businesses across the nation. 


We provide information on places to ride, through our website NZ Bridleways. 

We also spend a great deal of time educating Councils and Agencies (such as DOC) on the importance of the horse to our economy, and history, and the level of demand for recreation. 

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Why Join?

In New Zealand there is no national body representing all horses or riders\drivers. 

Other sports have well organised bodies that represent recreational users (as well as competitors) - that's why they are getting better access for their sports! 

It's time we riders got more organised, and received a fair share of recreation, safety, and transport provision.
When you join, you can choose whether to receive newsletters or not.  Read the Archive

Who Can Join?

Every rider, horse owner, and equine business! 
Clubs and sports groups are encouraged to partner with us. 

All in the horse world should be concerned with the profile (or lack of it) of horse sports and recreation, and with the dire lack of horse recreation space.  It is all our responsibility to do something about it.

If you have a good network of contacts in your area, have special skills that will assist us in fundraising or other activities or just have time and motivation to offer, please do contact us

What Does it Cost to Join?

At the moment joining is Free!

Our rules have been set up so that there will always be a Free membership option (Social Membership), because it is so important for us to be able to communicate with and mobilise recreational riders.

More Questions?

If there is anything that you want to know that is not answered here, please ask.