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About Us

Frequently Asked Questions    
Who Are We?

Ordinary horse people, who care about public access, safety for horse riders and getting better recognition for recreational riding. 

Our aim is to provide information, perform research and and work on recreational riding projects with local groups and individuals throughout the country. 

We want to create a network of equestrians that care about where they ride.


Originally formed as "Bridleways Auckland" in 2007, as the result of a horse riding workshop held by the ARC (Auckland Regional Council).  The name was changed to NZ Horse Recreation to recognise the wider need for an organisation to work on projects throughout the country.  NZ Horse Recreation is now an Incorporated Society. 
We welcome all 'equines' including donkeys and mules, and all equine people whether you own, drive or ride.  
We are sport, breed and club agnostic; individuals who just like to look at their horses in the paddock are as welcome as those who aspire to compete at top level.

Our Objectives:

Our Objectives

We promote greater participation in healthy equestrian recreation. We believe horse riders deserve improved access to recreation spaces and trails.

We educate on public safety around horses, and promote health and welfare of horses. 

We research and publish information on the equine sector and equestrian community.

We provide information on places to ride, through our website NZ Bridleways, and work to improve access to places to ride. 

We want all equestrian clubs and organisations to work together to improve the profile of equestrian, and work with (not against) other sports and recreation clubs to improve everyone's share of recreation and sporting resources. 

 Long term goal: To become a recognised National Recreation Organisation (NRO); working on behalf of all horses and riders. 

Why Join? 

In New Zealand there is no national body representing all horses or riders\drivers. 

The ESNZ does not include recreational riders or the promotion of the horse for recreation, and health as one of its roles.  It does not create trails or ask for horse riders to be allowed on open spaces or trails, nor does it represent horse riders or owners to local, regional or central government. 

Other sports have well organised bodies that represent recreational users (as well as competitors) - that's why they are getting better access for their sports! It's time we riders got more organised and got a fair share of the recreational access. 
All members receive a regular newsletter to keep up to date with current activities and projects. We abide by Privacy Principles and will not provide your membership information for other purposes. You can unsubscribe at any time. 

Who Can or Should Join?

Every rider and horse owner! We need as many riders as possible to sign up and show support for riding issues. Going to a Council or Government agency with 300 or 3000 names is much more effective than turning up on your own.

There is no body or group that represents recreational riders, I hope that we can begin to work together and gain more riding access through better advocacy.
Our newsletter let's you know about projects and events, and about submissions that are open and results to those we have made. 

Clubs and sports groups are encouraged to affiliate, pass information on to members, and collaborate on submissions. All in the horse world should be concerned with the profile (or lack of it) of horse sports and recreation, and with the dire lack of horse recreation space.  It is all our responsibility to do something about it.


What Does it Cost to Join?

At the moment joining is Free. Our rules have been set up so that there will always be a Free membership option (Social Membership), because it is so important for us to be able to communicate with and mobilise recreational riders.
We are completely voluntary. We rely on members to provide ideas, photos, local riding information for the website and work on campaigns to increase recreational riding areas. We will fundraise for projects that create trails, or provide access infrastructure such as horse friendly gates or stiles.

What Can Members Do?

We want active, participating members. All members are encouraged to proactively work in their area, at whatever tasks they have the time for or interest in.  These tasks include:
  • Create Local Groups or Volunteer to be the local Contact for your area.  Create your own group; investigate local riding trails, lobby for better access to parks, and see if you can get horse access onto trails (or create a trail). Not sure about organising a group? Volunteer to be a local representative for your area.

  • Keep an eye on local papers for horse riding Issues. Councils put public notices out about new bylaws and issues that affect recreation or horse riding. It is important that we have the opportunity to have our say.


  • Send in Information about local riding opportunities. Information about your local area is important, we rely on you to tell the rest of us about your area. Take photos, and send them in (or send a link to a photo album you have created online).  Riding information is published on NZ Bridleways


  • Contribute to Submissions. Our mailing list is used to keep you informed about all submissions that will be created with our group's name on it.  In our submissions area you can find examples and snippets that are freely available for re-use.


Can I be more involved?

YES! Please volunteer to help.  You can create a local sub-group in your area or work with the National body. 
If you have a good network of contacts in your area, have special skills that will assist us in fundraising or other activities or just have time and motivation to offer, please do contact me

Clubs, organisations and groups can partner with NZ Recreational Horse Riders

Existing clubs, and organisations are encouraged to partner with us, and keep their members up to date with news. If possible have an interested person in your club assigned as Recreational Advocacy Liaison, to be the point of contact and relay information between your club committee and our group.   Learn more about partnering 

We promote open and transparent communication and abide by the Privacy Principles.  

More Questions?

If there is anything that you want to know that is not answered here, please ask.