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Current Committee and Officers

President:  Vivien Dostine, Massey, Auckland

  • Trustee Northern Region Equestrian Trust (NRET)
  • Auckland Council Rural Industry Group participant

Kate Southcombe Treasurer: Kate Southcombe, Wellsford (North Auckland)

  • EPR Training
  • Author

Secretary:  Hilary Bladen, Coatesville

  • Equine Business
  • Coatesville Pony Club

Alison Fellman, South Head

  • Trusteee NRET
  • Waitemata Hunt
Karen Legg
  • Woodhill Forest Equestrian Park manager (on behalf of AWEC)
Michelle Reddy, South Auckland
  • Akld Carriage Driving
Rebecca Deardon 
  • Taranaki Equestrian Network (TEN)
Ashley Jevon-Dalgaard 

  • Hawkes Bay 


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