Wilson Sisters Supporting NZ Horse Network

We create trails, protect existing riding access, and promote recreational riding, and the value of the equine sector. Join us now to help protect, and promote New Zealand's horse heritage and culture.   We aim to provide an umbrella organisation for a network of smart, well connected equestrians who get fair access to community resources.  Our role is to help network all the different groups, provide support, resources, and share success stories.  Join us and spread the word through your local clubs and organisations  read more on this topic >>

We create, and find resources to help you:
  • Get better access to horse riding trails, and areas,
  • save existing trails, beaches or parks from closure, and,
  • proactively send information to your local Council, or Trails Trust, 
These resources include:
They're all free for you to use.  Still need help? Use our Facebook page to get in contact, or ask others to join your group\campaign.  

Other sport and recreation, have national organisations that represent them when it comes to transport, safety or recreation, but we don't.  So our first step to has to be raising awareness, and providing information.  Few public space providers, or recreation planners now have any knowledge of the demand for equestrian recreation, or what is wanted\required. 


In order to make public space providers aware of the demand for horse riding areas we respond to public submissions for parks, trails, and recreation areas. We encourage all riders, and horse owners to do the same.  If you have never made a submission before, don't worry,we have resources for you.


We also create resources that can be used with public submissions (either as part of a submission document, or presented during the hearings), or as part of a social media, or local campaign.  All these resources are free to use, by any club, or individual. .   Find out about our latest campaign, and how you can take part or view our resource pages.