create horse trails, 
protect existing horse access, and 
promote recreational horse riding .

Join us now to help protect, and promote New Zealand's horse heritage and culture.

NZ Horse Network is an umbrella organisation for a network of smart, well connected equestrians who want fair access to community resources.  Our role is to help all individuals, groups or clubs, by providing resources, and sharing success stories. We also perform research, produce publications, and make submissions on behalf of our members. 

Is this for me?

Yes! Every rider, horse owner, club and equine business has a stake in better access for horse riding, and better recognition of the equine sector. Clubs and sports groups are encouraged to partner with us. All in the horse world should be concerned with the profile (or lack of it) of horse sports and recreation, and with the lack of horse recreation space. It is all our responsibility to do something about it. If you have a good network of contacts in your area, have special skills that will assist us in fundraising or other activities or just have time and motivation to offer, please do contact us

What Does it Cost to Join?

We have a free basic membership. We fund raise for projects such as creating trails, or provide access infrastructure such as horse friendly gates or stiles, or may use donated funds to help others with their projects*.  Donations are always welcome to help keep our websites, and other efforts going. 
 This is not a commercial organisation, it is a group of dedicated volunteers who care about the ability to go riding in our parks, beaches, and public places. We are an incorporated society, so anyone can attend our AGM, or inspect our financial records (on the incorporated societies website).