200 years 1814-2014
NZ Horse Network links local groups, clubs and individuals to create a national body for recreational horse owners and equestrians.   We build trails, and promote horse access to public recreation spaces

Our aim is to build a strong, active horse community where we help each other to create, protect and promote access for horse riding.  We create, and publish information for all New Zealanders about the equine community, and provide maps and resources for the equestrian community. 

Work together

shared trails

No matter whether you are a competitive rider, breed horses, run an equine business or just enjoy recreational riding.  

We all need to work together to ensure the future of our wonderful sport, and the heritage of New Zealand's horse. 

Clubs and Partners

Something going on in your part of New Zealand?  We aim to build a network of smart, well connected equestrians who get fair access to community resources.  

Local clubs and organisations are important to help do this. Join us and spread the word through your local clubs and organisations  read more on this topic >>

Give a Little! 

Help us to keep improving riding information and creating trails!

Your donations help to keep our websites running, buy gates or latches for horse access, build trails ... donate now

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Planning a recreation area, park or trail?  Not sure how to include equestrians? 

Use our resources


Infrastructure guides or how to write a press release. Whether you are a park planner or club secretary, we will create publications to help. 

Facts and Figures

How many horses are there in New Zealand? What are they worth to the economy? 

Our data is now being used by other authorities read up on Waikato University research using our survey data >>

Find out about current research, and take part in surveys to help fill in the gaps... 

International Case Studies 

Sharing trails and recreation spaces is common overseas, and horses are a part of the culture and history of most communities. 

Overseas examples of infrastructure, urban horses and shared recreation abound,  read more about them here >>

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