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We Create Trails, Protect Existing Riding, Promote Recreational Riding, and the Equine Sector.  Join Us NOW

We promote the value of the equine sector, and  protect New Zealand's horse heritage and culture.   Learn How


Most of our efforts go into responding to public submissions for parks, trails, and recreation areas.   You can find our submissions here >>


We are so far behind other basic recreation (walking, and cycling) that our first step to creating more riding has to be raising awareness, and providing information.  We also create resources that can be used with public submissions (either as part of a submission document, or presented during the hearings). 

Find out about our latest campaign, and how you can take part 

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Clubs and Partners

Something going on in your part of New Zealand?  We aim to build a network of smart, well connected equestrians who get fair access to community resources.  Local clubs and organisations are at the forefront of the fight for local access to more riding areas.  Our role is to help network all the different groups, provide support and share success stories.  Join us and spread the word through your local clubs and organisations  read more on this topic >>


Getting better access to horse riding trails, and areas? Saving existing trails, beaches or parks from closure?  Proactively send your local Council, or trails trust planners information from our resources.   Click Here >>    We also have previous submissions for you to copy, and use.


Infrastructure guides or how to write a press release. Whether you are an individual, or club, or even a park\trail planner, we have publications to help you understand the issues.  Planning a recreation area, park or trail? Not sure how to include equestrians?   read here >>  

Facts and Figures

Include stats in any of your discussions to get more horse riding.  How many horses are there in New Zealand?  What are they worth to the economy? Our data is now being used by other authorities read up on Waikato University research using our survey data >>      Find out about current research, and take part in surveys to help fill in the gaps... 

Share the Trail Case Studies

Sharing trails and recreation spaces is common overseas, and horses are a part of the culture and history of most communities.   Many current projects in New Zealand have been very slow to acknowledge that it makes more sense to have shared infrastructure, or indeed, that we have shared for around 150 years, and continue to share in many areas of New Zealand.  Overseas examples of infrastructure, urban horses and shared recreation abound,  read more about them here >>